Due to an overwhelming demand for dialysis on the south coast and new contracts won, KC have found that they need to expand and supply more positions for patients.
With this in mind they instructed ourselves to oversee the installation of a new 3 phase supply to the existing building and a back up oro (not the word, I need to clarify) machine.

After consultation with the client and SSE a position was agreed for the new 3 phase supply as panel board and the necessary ductwork was installed.

We had a very tight shutdown period due to patients requirements and the works were carried out over a weekend. The switch over from single phase to 3 phase went very smoothly and the unit were able to treat patients as normal.

They now have a system in place which will benefit them for years to come.

There are plans in place for further expansion which can only mean good things for the patients visiting Bournemouth.

KC dialysis unit

New 3 phase installation

3 weeks